7 Day Program To Increase Energy & Reduce Stress | taught by Mitchel Schwindt, M.D.

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7 Day Refuel Program

We all get so busy wrapped up in the frenetic pace of life and forget that we need a few moments to recharge and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Over the next week you will find a short actionable email waiting in your inbox. Nothing will be cumbersome or untenable. Each day reveals a simple action to geared to refueling your life. The message will be short and concise and take only a few minutes to read.

For those that prefer a video guided explanation, that will be there as well.

Please do both of us a favor and honor yourself with these simple yet powerful actions.

I’ll wrap things up on the last day and look forward to your thoughts and hearing how the next 7 days have impacted your life.

Thank you for taking this short journey with me.

With gratitude,

Mitchel M.D.

Mitchel Schwindt, M.D.
Mitchel Schwindt, M.D.
Physician & Course Creator

Dr. Schwindt has been practicing medicine for over 17 years and is board certified in Emergency Medicine. He also has a special interest in functional medicine and longevity.

Like you, he found himself on the other side of the table and underwent extensive open heart surgery.

Whether you or a loved one is facing surgery, this course gives you a wealth of tools and resources to get through this stressful time.

This course brings a unique perspective on how to prepare for open heart surgery, minimize pain during the hospital phase, and maximize recovery once back at home.

He teaches several health related courses and has students in 127 countries. He is passionate about education and enjoys interacting directly with his students to ensure mastery of the topic.

Dr. Schwindt is a published author of ten books and shares his wisdom on his blog at

Mitchel Schwindt, M.D.

I trained as an emergency medicine physician, but I have worked in many different clinical settings. I completed my residency at Michigan State University - Butterworth Hospital (later renamed Spectrum Health) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is one of the busiest Level 1 trauma units in the US. My last year there, I was honored with the role of Chief Resident.

After that, I took to the skies and become a helicopter flight physician for an aeromedical organization. (Shameless self-promotion: I wrote a book about it. See the sidebar.) That was one of my favorite roles.

Over the years, I have served on many health-related boards and committees, working to improve the healthcare infrastructure, but my love is still being one-on-one with patients, helping each individual achieve maximum health and vitality.

My love for creatures is not limited to humans; I and my children are passionate about animal rights. We volunteer each week at the local animal shelter. I find the bonding experience with animals to be rewarding and valuable to my full-time job.

I love to spend time with my family, compete in triathlons, go skiing, water sports, and to travel around the world.

My life is dedicated to bringing optimal health to everyone. Join in the journey toward a long and fulfilled life.

Mitchel Schwindt, M.D., FAAEM

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